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WORLD-LEADING PHILANTHROPIST - CEO and founder of a leading New York asset management company with $15bn under management.

NOTE: Many of our clients are prominent global political, financial and business figures, and would prefer us not to disclose their identities. We take their confidentiality incredibly seriously, and for this reason we have fully anonymised this client's case study. We have also omitted any work or information that could lead to their identity being uncovered.
The Challenge


We were brought on to help raise the profile of this individual's charitable endeavours, including online courses providing students with their first year of college for free; a book highlighting the importance of charter schools, and the history of the first one in New York; and launching a new online publication.

The Solution


We created three bespoke strategies to carefully raise the profile of each project within appropriate channels. We enhanced our strategies by identifying vital influencers in each strand of activity, in order to best utilise media coverage. To increase the number of readers of his book, we sent hard copies to academics, publications for reviews, and libraries. We developed an in-depth strategy to help launch the new online publication, and combined our expertise of social media and digital marketing with more traditional PR methods, to ensure re-publication of key articles on larger news sites. We positioned our client as a commentator in niche media channels that would drive key individuals to his online education offering and attract an audience that would benefit the most from completing the courses.

The Result


This individual has managed to keep a low profile personally, whilst seeing the profile of his endeavours increase. In addition to securing articles on widely read education blogs and news sites, we set up several meetings with ghostwriters in order to start developing a second book based on his personal experiences. We are in the process of developing a creative and engaging way to further promote the book, and continue to work with the online publication to get publicity for their articles.

Client Quote


"I chose to work with the Right Angles team because they were experts at strategic profile raising. I wanted to shine a light on the fantastic work being done by the charitable institutions I am involved in, without my personal profile overshadowing them. Their consultations on social media strategy were particularly useful."

World-leading philanthropist
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