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RITA TREHAN - A corporate scandal, global transformation and capacity building expert, Rita has improved the performance of Fortune 200 companies and ensured the success of world-leading multinationals.

The Challenge


Rita approached us to raise her global profile as an expert in capacity building and business transformation. She also asked us to support the global publication of her book 'Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources'.

The Solution


We established Rita's reputation as an expert and commentator within the HR industry and the corporate world. By building strong relationships with senior journalists, we secured Rita regular coverage in print and digital press. We engaged with conference organisers and broadcasters to secure prestigious speaking opportunities, and utilised social media to publicise Rita's reputation as an expert in HR. We helped her publisher her book and supported its launch by securing and filming speaking engagements and implementing a complementary social media strategy. With our help, Rita founded the HR Original Thinkers Awards to recognise emerging talent in HR.

The Result


Rita is now a world-renowned HR expert and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, The Telegraph and Citywire. She now writes regularly for HR publications including HR Zone and HR Director. Rita has also appeared on Business Live on BBC Business Live and BBC World Service's Business Report. Her book has been a critical success and she now speaks regularly at HR events across the globe. Rita has also received global HR awards, and we have helped her launch her own podcast, 'CEO Outlook'.

Client Quote


"I knew that Paul had the expertise and the contacts to realise my ambitions and get my message across. He certainly delivered on his plans and has helped me forge excellent relationships with key players in the HR industry."

"I continue to work with Paul because of the results he delivers. He is endlessly creative, immensely helpful and always willing to go the extra mile."

Thought leader


Secured interviews for Rita on world-renowned TV stations including BBC Business Live

Received personal coverage in prestigious newspapers such as European CEO, City Wire, The Telegraph, The Financial Times, British Airways Business Life Magazine and The International Business Times.

Designed and created the CEO Outlook podcast with Rita as host.

Secured high-profile speaking opportunities across the globe including HR Summit, Dubai; HR Vision, Berlin and Global Trade review's Women in Trade Finance.

Organised roundtable meetings with world-leading journalists.

Arranged private roundtable events with high-profile HR executives and global advisors

Helped publish, launch and promote her book, 'Unleashing Capacity'.

Managed her Twitter account, growing her following from 0 to over 20,000 followers.



Secured Rita a prestigious publishing deal for her book 'Unleashing Capacity'

Organised and led a book launch

Secured high-profile media coverage of her book, including press and speaking opportunities

Secured positive testimonials from world-leading industry experts

Designed and launched 'Unleashing Capacity' website.

HR Original Thinkers


Rita was frustrated at the lack of real change in the HR industry, and with our help created this HR award which recognises up and coming talent in the industry. It is nurturing the future leaders of HR.

As well as adding to Rita's credibility and reputation, this award enables her to network with journalists and set up new business contacts. It has been instrumental in raising her profile as a world-renowned expert in capacity building and business transformation.

HR Original Thinkers
Unleashing Capacity

Unleashing Capacity: The Hidden Human Resources

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