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JOHN MILLS - Founder and Chairman of JML, the global consumer goods company. Author of a number of noted books on economics, John is the UK Labour Party's largest private donor, an outspoken advocate of a more competitive exchange rate, and a prominent critic of the EU.

The Challenge


John approached us to raise his profile as a political and economic commentator. He also wanted us to highlight the damaging affect the pound was having on UK manufacturing and the wider economy.

The Solution


We helped John build strong relationships with leading economics and political journalists through a series of one-to-one lunches, and exclusive breakfast briefings. These people were then able to follow his thoughts and ideas through a newly designed personal website and industry blog. We also wrote regular articles for national and international publications, putting him firmly on the radar of TV and radio producers. Finally, we launched an economics podcast with John as host to establish him as an authority on the topic.

The Result


John is now an established TV and radio pundit, and over the last six months has appeared across the BBC on the News Channel, Newsnight, The Today Programme and 5 Live as well as on Sky, ITV, Channel 4 and Bloomberg. He is a well-respected commentator on British politics with a particular expertise on the Labour Party, trade, and the exchange rate. He has also had a significant impact on policy, being invited to speak on prominent platforms, contribute to research projects, and brief Cabinet-level Ministers. People now approach John for his perspective on trade issues rather than the other way around.

Client Quote


"Paul has achieved a great deal in a short time. I have had a large number of meetings with very senior key people, and I would not have made contact without Paul's help. He has helped me push forward at a great pace. I've not had any personal PR assistance before and it has been a very valuable and worthwhile experience. Paul and his team work behind the scenes extremely effectively and very quickly, and Paul has been instrumental in driving my projects forward."

Thought leader


Secured interviews on TV and radio, including on Radio 4, 5 Live, BBC News Channel, ITV, Channel 4, LBC, Sky and Bloomberg

Designed and launched John's personal website to give journalist's an overview of his work

Wrote weekly articles for John in newspapers and magazines

Secured an ongoing fortnightly column on The Huffington Post

Created and produced the Talking Economics podcast with John as host

Set up one-to-one meetings with UK government ministers, economists and editors

Created and managed John's Twitter account, growing his followers to over 3,000 within six months

Organised and invited guests to the high-profile launch of John's latest book, Call To Action

Designed and launched John's new book website which allowed people to RSVP for the event online

Designed, typeset and published John's new 50-page pamphlet on his concerns about the British economy

Secured John a regular economics and politics column in the International Business Times, a global financial publication with over 16 million readers

Created and designed a newsletter for the Labour for Britain campaign which argues in favour of a renegotiated settlement with the EU

Thought leader


Professionalised previous ad hoc campaigning and distilled it into a single campaign centred around one brand

Created a website to explain the campaign's ideas simply to policy-makers and journalists

Hosted, organised and invited guests to a monthly roundtable discussion breakfast on the exchange rate

Helped John distill his complicated economic points into a two-minute speech for a general audience

Produced an animated video to explain the campaign's ideas

Organised and hosted a launch event in conjunction with think-tank Civitas

Created a mailing list for the campaign with over 2,000 subscribers and sent them regular updates

Created and managed the campaign's Twitter account, growing its followers to over 3,000 in six months

Book launch


John asked us to help him launch his new book, 'Call to Action: Britain's Economic Problems and How They Can Be Solved', co-authored with former Labour shadow minister Bryan Gould. He wanted the book to make a splash before the election.

We came up with the idea of launching the book at a high-impact event at the Royal Society of Arts. In the format of a one-to-one with a noted economic journalist, we secured the participation of Liam Halligan, author of the award-winning 'Economics Agenda' column in The Sunday Telegraph.

In advance of the launch, we helped John send event invites and advance copies of his book to more than 3,000 carefully identified senior influencers, including journalists, politicians and economists. We further publicised the event by sending out a number of bespoke email invites to high-profile individuals, writing articles for politics and economics publications, and advertising it on social media.

We also created and designed a dedicated standalone website for the book, so people could register for the launch event as well as purchase it. This resulted in coverage for the book on BBC Radio 4, Sky News, and World Finance, as well as in the pages of the FT, The Telegraph and The Daily Mail.

Call to Action

Call To Action book launch: 16 March 2015, The Royal Society of Arts

The Pound Campaign website

The Pound Campaign website

Talking Economics podcast

Talking Economics podcast

Personal twitter account

Personal Twitter account

The Pound Campaign twitter account

The Pound Campaign Twitter account

The Pound Campaign email newsletter

The Pound Campaign email newsletter

LESC website

Labour Euro-Safeguards Campaign website

Call to Action website

'Call to Action' book website

Call To Action event invite

'Call To Action' event invite

Coverage of John in the IB Times

Coverage of John in the IB Times

Coverage on Bloomberg

Coverage on Bloomberg

Coverage on LondonLovesBusiness

Coverage on LondonLovesBusiness

John's personal regular email newsletter

John's personal regular email newsletter

Labour for Britain newsletter

Labour for Britain newsletter

The cover of John Mills' latest pamphlet

The cover of John Mills' latest pamphlet

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